How to make a woman squirt


How to make a woman squirt

Yes, women do squirt. You might say your partner doesn’t. But, maybe you cannot make her squirt. You know what making a woman squirt is all about the technique and finesse. You can do it if you know the right process.

But, for many men or even women, squirting is a myth. However, you should know that it is legit. Women do squirt and you don’t always need a man to squirt. During self-play, a woman can make herself squirt by knowing what to do.

So, women squirting are all about doing the right things. You need to follow a process to make a woman squirt successfully. By now, you will be on the edge of your seat. We know how desperate you are to know how to make a woman squirt.

Thus, in this article, let’s give you in-depth knowledge of the whole process of making a woman squirt. If you follow this process, you will surely make your sex life more intriguing than ever. So, let’s get started.

Tips for making a woman squirt

Don’t have expectations

One of the biggest obstacles in squirting is stress. When you think that a girl has to squirt or if you expect your partner to squirt or if your partner expects her to squirt, then that is an added pressure she should not take.

Also, some women don’t feel comfortable while squirting. If that is the case with you or your partner, then she will have a hard time squirting. Another interesting thing here is if your partner does not enjoy squirting, you will have a very hard time making her squirt. So, just make it a part of your sexual course, and don’t have any expectations with squirting.

The proper mindset

If you want to be among the squirting girls, then while you play with your vagina or your partner plays with it, you need to have the correct mindset. You need to remember that squirting is all about releasing your pressure that will build up during the whole process.

The ultimate goal of making a woman squirt is to give her the ultimate sexual pleasure. So, make sure that the woman is not having any kind of pressure and is in the right mood. She has to feel the sensations happening to her body. In this way, women squirting will be more enjoyable.

Getting her sexually aroused

The vulva and vagina of a woman need to be full to make her sexually aroused. But, to make her sexually aroused, you just cannot rush. If you rush, then it will work against you. Look, there are very few places inside a woman’s vagina where she will have more erotic sensations than others.

So, you have to find those spots and work there slowly. As you keep on working on those spots, you will notice that certain parts of the vagina are changing. You will see the swelling of the labia and clitoris as they become darker. Apart from that, the vagina will become dripping wet. The squirting will be the final destination but the work you do on the vagina will be the journey you have to take to make the woman squirt.

G-Spot stimulation

Once the playground (vagina) is ready, it is time to get the game started. If you are the giver in the play, then you will be inserting your fingers inside the vagina. And, for a receiver, she has to enjoy the whole process and feel the sensations that are going on inside her body.

Now, after inserting your fingers, apply a little bit of pressure around the upper part of the vagina (closer to her stomach) with your thumb or any other finger that you are comfortable with. Its place will be between one to three inches from the vagina and this measurement might differ depending on the woman. Look, finding the G-spot is one of the toughest things for men or even women. But, if you can find it, you can make any woman squirt easily.

Use sex toys

For many years, people have failed to realize the importance of using sex toys during their sexual discourse. But, with the change of time and generation, sex toys are now getting more and more popular. So, you can get some sex toys that will spice things up in your bedroom.

You can get a sex toy that will help you in stimulating the G-spot. You can also use some sex toys that will help you in playing with the clitoris. But, whatever the type of sex toy you are willing to use, make sure your partner has given consent to it. It is important to communicate before using sex toys. Otherwise, she will have different emotions running inside her head which will take all the thrills away from the activity.

Controlling pubococcygeal or PC muscles

This tip is more for women than men. If you are looking to be one of those squirting girls, you should try to control your PC muscles. Well, controlling PC muscles will not be the ultimate thing that will lead you to squirt but it can certainly help.

It will help you to bear down the sensations you get while G-spot stimulation. Now, for men, you should encourage your partner to assert more control while contracting and bearing down the sensations during G-spot stimulation. This can do wonders for women squirting.

Using lube is essential

You would want to make sure that the whole process of making a woman squirt is as comfortable as it can get. So, for that, using lubricants will be a key thing. The basic thing would be to use a water-based lubricant rather than a silicone-based one as it will be better for the skin.

So, you need to get some good-quality lubricants and apply them to your fingers, the areas where you will play, and also the toys with which you will be playing. It will make sure that your journey to the final destination of making a woman squirt is as pleasurable and comfortable as it can get.

Be ready to get messy

One of the things for squirting is it will make your bedroom messy. Now, many women would not like to have such a mess in their bedroom. So, they fear squirting. Because of this, no matter how much you try, your partner will not squirt.

So, whether you are trying to help your partner in getting off or you are trying to squirt during self-play, you must accept in your mind that your bedroom or the place where you are playing will get messy. It will help immensely in getting you in the right mood for squirting. You need to know that your mood is the foundation on which you have to work to ensure you squirt at the end. So, accepting the fact that your room will get messy and staying prepared for that in the mind can certainly help you a lot.

Sex Positions to Make a Woman Squirt Easily

Do you know there are sex positions that can help you in making a woman squirt? Yes, there certain sex positions that allow you to play with the G-spot directly. So, as you know the importance of stimulating the G-spot to make a woman squirt, you should use those positions effectively while having sex with her. In this way, you may not even have to use your fingers while making her squirt. So, let’s check those positions out.

Doggy Style

Yes, it is one of the most common sex positions. However, you should know that the doggy style is one of the most powerful sex positions that can help you in making a woman squirt. Well, the angle of penetration during doggy style is so good that it will allow you to stimulate the G-spot directly. Also, if you use a vibrator on the clitoris while penetrating in the doggy style, it will be more likely that your partner will squirt at any time.


Have you ever tried spooning in bed? Well, this is probably one of the best positions that can help you in making a woman squirt without much of an effort. You just have to lie beside your girl and keep on penetrating her from her backside. The angle will enable you to hit the G-spot and give you ample scope to stimulate the clitoris.

Reverse Cowgirl

Women enjoy having control over their sexual stimulation. So, in the reverse cowgirl position, the girl will be in full control. Also, it will allow her to stimulate her clitoris and G-spot in one go. Thus, it can be a great position that will help squirting girls in getting off.

Final Thoughts

Finally, squirting is all about giving that woman the ultimate pleasure. So, if you need a sex toy to do this, then you should not hesitate. Also, keep on encouraging her to squirt every time you attempt it. Once you start following the process, you will be able to make a woman squirt successfully every time.