Dating, Sex and Living single


Dating, Sex and Living single

Dating, sex and living single in 2024 is no joke. Okay so let the games begin. In a's hell. It's one big game, and unfortunately, the rules change every day. If you're single, you know exactly what I'm talking about. As single men and women we know the exciting part of the game is the chase, that's the fun part. But then once you catch what you are chasing, do you question whether or not it was the right catch? Is it what you really thought it was going to be about?

Being single in a time such as this is a challenge in it self. Combine dating and sex with that for a real chance at winning the lottery. We've read book after book tell us what rules we should follow regarding dating. I don't see where any phenomenal changes were made so I would have to say the rules don't quite apply to every person and every situation. Besides do you really want to live your life and have relationships based on the rules created by someone else? That being said, we have to make up our own rules as they apply to our individual lives and situations as a single person, dating and engaging in sex. In fact if you must, make up your own rules as you go along.

Things are different now on the dating scene. For those that choose to walk where angels fear to tread, there is Internet dating. If that's your flavor, work it. Personally, I prefer the up close and personal type encounter. Let me hand pick my derelict in person. Either way you can still end up with a psycho. I'm on the West coast, so imagine what dating in LA and San Diego must be like. Would you like to guess the kind of games you deal with in LA? They are absolutely pimp-tac-ular! Then again it may be that way in every city, but you have to understand out here, everyone is an actor, writer, dancer, producer, and the list goes on.

So, here are a few new rules to get you through the dating, sex and living single scene. First of all especially if you are on the club scene looking for a mate, be real with yourself and what you might end up with. Ask yourself, why is this person here? Are they a visitor, are they desperately seeking mate, or are they getting their party on? Then look for the illuminated psycho sign on the forehead. If you miss that, you are screwed. Next, don't let your alcohol level dictate your actions for the evening. Come on, you know what I'm talking about. A person looks the way they really look before the first drink, but after drink number four, you start imagining Denzel or Pharrell. Don't do that or you just may be in for a big surprise the next morning. Next, slow your roll. Don't move so quickly into the relationship. You will reach after-burn very quickly that way. If you don't get to know the person for whom he or she really is, you will never know where the relationship could have gone. It could be that this person is better off in your life as a friend, or maybe they are more compatible with a friend of yours. Hey, pass them on, no pain, no gain.

Okay so let's talk game, that's assuming you have some. You always want your game tight. Always look your best, speak your best, and let the wonderful you show through, but don't tell your whole life story. When guys ask about you, they don't really want to know everything. That being said, feed bits and pieces as you go along. Don't lay all of your cards out on the table the first night you meet some one. And don't talk about your past relationship. They don't want to hear it, just like you don't want to hear about theirs. Start fresh. Let's talk looks. Yes we know looks are everything. Don't go out in public looking ragtag. Work with what you've got and work it to the max. The one time you decide to go to the Sushi Bar with your girl and you compromise your looks is when you will probably meet Mr. Wonderful. Okay so if you do, well you just do. And if you do, don't give excuses for why you look the way you look. Just be sure the next time you see Cutie, and you will see him again, that you are prepared to blow his mind.

As far as the other persons' game, by all means keep your radar on point so you can judge his or her game. If you get a cell phone number only, married. If you can't go to the persons' house, married or they live at home with their parents. If you can't call the person at work, chances are they are either married or unemployed. If you only talk to them during the week, they are either married or in a relationship. If you only talk to them and see them at night, chances are they are either with some one or could possibly be a vampire. Seriously, think about the limitations placed on you and why they are in place. Believe me there is a reason for it. Limitations work both ways, so one safe way for for all involved is if you only give a cell number out from the beginning, and not a home number, it makes it easier to dump the person. That way they only have one point of contact for you.

Now the most important thing, don't go out and bring back a project. There might just be a reason why he or she is in the category of dating, sex and living single, though all may not apply to the project. You know what I'm talking about. You go get this man, or woman as the case may be, but women you know we're good for this, and you are going to change him. I can just hear you. He's a good man, he just needs to learn how to dress; or he just needs a new haircut, or braces, or a face transplant, or a lift in his shoe, or she just needs to work out a little, maybe if she got a weave or a haircut, or she just needs to take a cooking class, or he just needs to take a few classes and learn how to speak better or, he just needs to work on his social skills...or...or..or...don't do it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop the madness! That's a project people! Stop the denial now before you get in over your head. Take him or her as they are or throw them back and leave them alone! It ain't gone hap'n cap'n. You cannot change an adult and whip him or her into the perfect person you want him or her to be in terms of perfection in your head. This is insanity in it's rawest form. I implore you, see it for what it is! That is a losing battle and if that is your plan, I highly advise you seek help. By that I mean therapy.

So now tell me, did you find this as cruel, inhumane and insensitive? Yeah, well such is dating, sex, and living single in 2024.