Do all women squirt?


Do all women squirt?

Yes, women do squirt. But we are gathered here today to find out if all women have these special powers to make the rivers flow. Women all have the ability to ejaculate like men, but for most, they don't ejaculate nearly as often as men. Men ejaculate more because they have sperm they need to transport and release.

Women have no real reason to ejaculate other than for pleasure. When women climax, they are essentially ejaculating. There are glands that are located around the vagina to keep the area moist. Fun fact, these glands also help with ridding the area of bacteria and other harmful irritants.

During the climax, there is a buildup of liquid that increases the secretions. There are women that can release more of that liquid than others. Not all women have the squirting gland. There is no scientific document explaining this. So, the answer to this question is "it depends on the individual".

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